• WXTJ Writes! by Summer DeLellis-Sturgis: “Duster Relaunched”

    After narrowly avoiding oblivion, the forgotten band Duster has returned to the essential indie rock playlist. The obscurity that characterized the band since its 1998 debut album Stratosphere can be attributed to their scarce public presence and despondent sound, and after the release of 2000’s Contemporary Movement, Duster seemingly drifted into nothingness. Through digital dialogue […]

  • WXTJ Writes! by Caroline Young: “Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree””

    Just before the Thanksgiving break, my friend Chloe and I tried to host a Thanksgiving themed WXTJ show, and as we searched for suitable content, I noticed quickly that there are very few explicitly “Thanksgiving” themed songs. The holiday doesn’t even compare to Halloween and its classics like “The Monster Mash” or “Werewolves of London,” […]

  • WXTJ Writes! by Grace Guinan: “What’s the Big Deal with Spotify Wrapped?”

    Every year Spotify comes out with Spotify Wrapped, your music year in review.  And everyone goes crazy for it.  We post it on Instagram, share it with our friends, and make it into memes.  We are obsessed, but why? Music is a very personal topic.  That’s why many people say, “I listen to everything” when […]

  • WXTJ Writes! by Paul Karhnak: “An Evening With Silk Sonic” reviewed

    Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak appear to have mastered quantum superposition, because they exist simultaneously in 2021 and the 1970s on the new album An Evening With Silk Sonic. The album is a fascinating instrument-by-instrument recreation of classic funk that incorporates both the obvious cliches and the more subtle touches that distinguish the 1970s in […]

  • WXTJ Writes! by Hannan Mumtaz: “rolling stoned 3.0” playlist

    The first iteration of this playlist came in 2018 — I had just transferred high schools in the middle of my sophomore year, with little to do but what this playlist encapsulates. I passed the link to a few friends, and soon it had made its way around an entire community at school. A hastily […]

  • WXTJ Writes! by Guest Writer Fi O’Reilly: Argentine Rock Sampler

    Argentina has marked for itself a place as the home of some of the most remarkable musical talents of rock en español, whose brash imagination has continued to be a force to be reckoned with over the decades. And with the dog days of summer nearing their end, but the cool days of Autumn still […]

  • WXTJ Writes! dj nematode’s Most Anticipated Spring Releases

    Buckle up, WXTJ-ers. We are gonna go through my most anticipated releases for the spring. Yes, the spring has already begun, and there are a ton of really awesome spring releases that I missed (I’m looking at you Xiu Xiu and Sharon van Etten), but you will just have to forgive me for that.   Crumb  Ice […]