Listen Live to WXTJ

Date: 06/03/2024 - 06/05/2024

The player is taking a break but the music isn’t. While we get the player running again, click the link below to listen live:

You can also listen through other media players like:

VLC Media Player

Hit Media in the upper left/top menu. Select “Open Network Stream,” make sure the new window is set to “Network” and then paste the above url. Hit “play” in bottom right and start listening.

Apple Music
In the Music app, go to “File” to “Stream URL”. Paste in the above url and you’re good to go.

Windows Media Player

Right click on the top bar next to the Back/Forward arrows, above “Organize, Stream, Create Playlist.” Select “File” then “Open URL.” Paste the above url into the window and you’re good to go.

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