Live/Air Studio Layout

WTJU has hosted many performers in our Main Air Studio (limited to approximately two musicians) and Live Music Recording Studio (limited to approximately seven musicians, depending on instrumentation).

WTJU records most performances and a mastered copy of the performance will be provided to the performer by request.

Live Studio Equipment Available

(5) On-stage short boom
(5) K&M short boom
(2) Other short boom
(1) ULTRA long boom 1
(2) Straight, round base
(1) Overhead boom
(3) Desk Mic stand

(8) RE20
(1) SM58
(1) 58 clone
(2) EW
(1) AT4050

Various XLR cable lengths
(3) XLR-phono
(4) Headphone extension
(1) Direct box

(5) KRK
(1) Sennheiser short cord
(1) Sony tangled cord

(1) Power strips


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