WXTJ Hot Takes: Nujabes & Japanese Hip Hop

Hello world:

Trashman here (Mr. Anderson & the Trashman 10am-12pm). Today, I want to discuss with you a very specific and quite frankly marvelous genre of music with all of our beautiful listeners out there. Specifically, I want to discuss the gem that is Japanese hip-hop and how it has impacted multiple people which, I – Trashman, can so gladly say I am part of.  We rarely see a style catapulted by solely an individual but for this genre, that person was Seba Jun – better known by his stage name Nujabes.

Nujabes brought a form of hip-hop to the world that samples pieces from jazz and older raps, creating melodic and calming works. His record company – Hydeout Productions (founded 1998), releases music to this day after his death in 2010. To me it is peaceful rap – an acceptance of pain followed by contentedness for the world in which we live. This music for me makes the mundane interesting and the background vibrant (You’ll notice me walking to class when I’m listening). When Mr. Anderson and I ask our listeners to “enjoy a leaf” or “admire a cloud”, this is what we mean. We as hosts want you to slow down and find that ever-elusive peace because you may need it in the future. These artists (Nujabes, Shing02, Uyama Hiroto, Cise Starr) are the essence of Mr. Anderson & the Trashman in that we want you to escape/process the minutia through any music this being a great place to start. We’ll end this by giving you all a lovely quote from one of Nujabes’ works and as always – please enjoy.

“Treat you better than me ‘cause that’s the heavenly key.

To unlock the inner strength where my essence will be

It’s the knowledge of self, understanding of the things around me.

That becomes the wisdom that I need.”

Keep Walking – Trashman

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