Monday 03/06/2023

Music with Ellis

This show cannot be described by mere words.

Hosted by Ellis Moffett Monday | 03/06/2023 | 10:00 pm

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2 Out Of 168

Two DJs, 2 hours out of your 168 per week. Rock, pop, and just anything that fits the vibe. Come along for the ride.

Hosted by Mary Hall & Sam Lauer Monday | 03/06/2023 | 8:00 pm

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Open Letters

grab some tea & catch up with Supraja as she deep dives into her favorite songs (and psyche)

Hosted by Supraja Daita Monday | 03/06/2023 | 7:00 pm

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another year older

birthdays are all about growth. they're markers in time that allow us to look back on our lives — the ups, the downs, the laughs, the cries. ayo is just like… More

Hosted by Grace Duregger Monday | 03/06/2023 | 6:00 pm

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