Sunday 09/10/2023

The Bicycle Shop

Here on the you will hear mostly a mix of different indie artists, peppered with new discoveries for both me and you, ranging from hip hop to grunge. Each song… More

Hosted by Zach Stevens Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 10:00 pm

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Café Au Lait

In 18th century France, coffeehouses were places of places of philosophy, revolutionary thought, and lively debate. On WXTJ, you can hear real barista Emilia and fake philosopher Omega talk about… More

Hosted by Emilia Couture & Omega Ilijevich Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 8:00 pm

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Auto Tunes

Tunes by our automation.

Hosted by DJ Auto Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 12:00 pm

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Poder Latino

Poder Latino celebrates the cultural values of our local Latinx community by bringing opinion leaders to educate our audience on important current events and opportunities in the Charlottesville area. The… More

Hosted by Sergio and Latinx student leaders Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 10:00 am

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The White Lodge

Hosted by DJ Boylan Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 10:00 am

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Kitchen Morning Melodies

Take a break(fast) with us in the AM (on the fm) as we jam and talk! We'll wake you up with the best morning drive music

Hosted by Gabrielle Rosario Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 8:00 am

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WXTJ Jukebox

Hosted by aud'o'matin Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 2:00 am

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Songs From a Room

This show cannot be described by mere words.

Hosted by John Gnick Sunday | 09/10/2023 | 12:00 am

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