WXTJ Jamz: Black Voices


WXTJ Jamz continues this summer with an episode featuring Black Voices! Watch the only gospel choir at UVA put on a fantastic performance full of joy and movement. Check us out on YouTube to watch the full video and others from the series.

Founded in 1972, Black Voices is one of the oldest Black student organizations and remains the only gospel choir at the University of Virginia. It has since evolved into a versatile choral ensemble boasting a wide array and repertoire of spirituals, traditional hymns, and contemporary gospel. The choir is open for membership to all students on grounds and to members of the broader UVA and Charlottesville communities.

Throughout its history, the Black Voices Gospel Choir has worked to promote comfort for students, resolve tensions, and unite the University community through Christian fellowship. Particularly for Black students, Black Voices has been a historically significant organization. To keep up with Black Voices, follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackvoicesuva.


This video also features Carlehr Swanson, the choir’s Vice President, Director, and Pianist. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Music at the University of Virginia. You can follow Carlehr here: https://www.instagram.com/car.lee.ah.


Set List:

“Who’s On The Lord’s Side” (Timothy Wright) – Black Voices
“Sanctuary Medley” (Israel & New Breed) – Black Voices
“The Great I Am” (Earnest Pugh) – Black Voices


WXTJ Jamz is brought to you by:

Producers – Ashley Park, Ellis Nolan, Ben Larsen
WXTJ Director – Ashley Park
Performers – Black Voices (Naomi Shumpert, Deneishia Haralson, Anna Mkandawire, Ymanee Monestine, Ashlee Prillerman, Chandler Nandkumar, Kameryn Daniels, Kurali Grantham, Quinton Monroe, Jason Banks, Carlehr Swanson)
Audio Engineer – Ben Larsen
Mix + Master – Ellis Nolan
Video + Editing – Ashley Park
Special Thanks – WTJU 91.1 FM

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