WXTJ Writes! dj nematode’s Most Anticipated Spring Releases

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Buckle up, WXTJ-ers. We are gonna go through my most anticipated releases for the spring. Yes, the spring has already begun, and there are a ton of really awesome spring releases that I missed (I’m looking at you Xiu Xiu and Sharon van Etten), but you will just have to forgive me for that.





Ice Melt – April 30

Brooklyn band Crumb is set to release their sophomore album Ice Melt on April 30th. Crumb has been releasing music since 2016, but I only recently heard of them with the release of their first single for this album “Trophy.” Lila Ramani, the frontwoman of Crumb, has that soft indie girl voice that balances perfectly with the mellow instrumental. They’re pop. They’re jazz. They’re psychedelic. They’ve got it all.



girl in red

if i could make it go quiet – April 30

I thought this day would never come. Finally, after three years of releasing hit after hit, Norwegian indie artist girl in red is set to release her debut album if i could make it go quiet. Soon after the release of her first song, she became a viral sensation, a queer icon, and champion of bedroom pop. Her new album will feature one of my favorite songs from 2020, “rue.”






Bright Green Field – May 7

Squid is one of the many British bands that are helping revive post-punk (again?). The band features Ollie Judge on vocals who has such a unique voice that’s exactly what you want from a post-punk band. They have described the new record as “really fucking weird” and if that doesn’t convince you to listen to it, then I don’t know what will. I highly recommend listening to the two singles “Narrator” and “Paddling.” Full version, obviously–who doesn’t love a good nine-minute song.


St. Vincent 

Daddy’s Home – May 14

She’s gonna do it. St. Vincent’s gonna follow up MASSEDUCATION with another album. The title Daddy’s Home is about her father’s return from prison after being sentenced to 12 years for a stock manipulation scheme. She has been very private about the whole situation and how she has dealt with it, but it looks like this album will be our glimpse into that. Will there be social commentary? Will she say ACAB? I sure hope so.



WINK – May 21

The Japanese quartet CHAI is coming out with their third album, WINK.  The band explained that the name of the album comes from the idea that “[a] person who winks is a person with a pure heart, who lives with flexibility, who does what they want.” CHAI has released a few singles that are a blend of R&B, pop, and electronic. I’d recommend checking out “Maybe Chocolate Chips” if you can’t wait for the full album release.




black midi

Cavalcade – May 28

Experimental post-punk band black midi is returning with their sophomore album, Cavalcade. This follows up from their 2019 debut album Schlagenheim which features the intense yet almost comical song “bmbmbm.” I began listening to them a few months ago while scouring YouTube for videos of concerts in a desperate attempt to fulfill my need of live music. Their music takes a few plays to get used to, but I found myself loving their harsh sound. If you don’t listen to experimental rock already, then you are in for a wild ride.



Doomin’ Sun – May 28

Dream pop artist Jay Som is teaming up with Palehound’s Ellen Kempner to form new duo group Bachelor. They are set to release their new album Doomin’ Sun that they wrote together in January 2020. Their lead single “Anything at All” has the catchiest bassline that carries the song beautifully. Doomin’ Sun is a must listen for indie fans.



Japanese Breakfast

Jubilee – June 4

Japanese! Breakfast! We are ready! Reflecting on her music style since her debut in 2016, Japanese Breakfast commented that she spent “the last five years writing about grief” and that she wanted the new record “to be about joy.” That change in pace has certainly been clear in the single “Be Sweet”–a bouncy and bright pop anthem.


Wolf Alice 

Blue Weekend – June 11

I first listened to Wolf Alice when I stumbled upon Charli XCX’s cover of “Don’t Delete the Kisses,” but I am now in love with the group. Lead singer Ellie Roswell says that the single, “Last Man on Earth,” is a song about the “arrogance of humans” in waiting for something else to shine their light on you, rather than shining your own light. The band won the 2018 Mercury Music Prize for their 2017 album Visions of A Life, and I look forward to hearing the beauty of their new album.



R9 – June 32

Rihanna, listen, I just wanna talk. Call me when you see this blog post. I’m getting worried that you won’t ever release music again.


by dj nematode (aka the lovely Samira Nematollahi), check them out as the co-host of “unsegmented” (Mondays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm).

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