WXTJ Writes! by Grace Duregger: Stray Fossa’s “With You For Ever” out now

Following the release of their first full-length album “With You For Ever,” local band Stray Fossa creates an unforgettable experience for all of their listeners.


Brothers Nick and Will Evans join childhood friend Zach Blount to bring their musical endeavors to fruition. While the trio grew up making music together, they more recently came together in 2018 after a six-year hiatus. Situated right in U.Va.’s backyard, Stray Fossa produces music in their very own studio basement, adding to the personal sentiment present in their work.


Stray Fossa has no problem testing the limits of music both lyrically and sonically. In their first album single, “How Come?” there is a strong juxtaposition between the lonesome theme in the song and the dreamy tone of the song itself. “How Come?” is not only an excellent example of Stray Fossa’s ability to play into relatability, it is also an example of their dream/synth-beach rock hybrid creation.



When I first heard “How Come?” I immediately began to assess what I call the “Vibe and Occasion Factor.” Questions that always arise in my mind when I listen to a song are ones like, “How does this make me feel?” and “Where should I listen to this song to get the maximum listener experience?” Immediately, I had already answered these questions — it made me feel as if I was surfing on a good memory, on an endless wave of dreamy sensations. As for where I should listen to this song, I think it exemplifies the perfect summer anthem — a song for a highway drive, on your way to the beach.


I can’t help but think that if Stray Fossa, Beach Fuzz, Sun Room and Dayglow were all in the same room they would get along without a hitch. The only way I could describe such an interaction would be it resulting in critically high levels of serotonin, and Vitamin D.


As summer approaches, Stray Fossa will definitely be at the top of my playlists. Their brotherly bond defines the band and creates something that really works for them. If you ever need to feel a gust of salt air against your face, warm sand underneath your feet or tingling sunshine on your cheeks, I recommend listening to Stray Fossa — “How Come?” in particular. While you might not be physically able to get to the beach, Stray Fossa’s music has the ability to transport you to another dimension where bad vibes simply do not exist. They’re unapologetically themselves, making their music an adventure for anyone who is hip enough to listen to it.


by Grace Duregger, a proud member of our writing team who also happened to join the WXTJ family this year. She plans on studying political science, is active in Student Council, and loves being outdoors. When she isn’t busy petting dogs and drinking copious amounts of coffee, you can find her curating new playlists on her Spotify: @gradureg

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