WXTJ Writes! by Hannan Mumtaz: “rolling stoned 3.0” playlist

The first iteration of this playlist came in 2018 — I had just transferred high schools in the middle of my sophomore year, with little to do but what this playlist encapsulates. I passed the link to a few friends, and soon it had made its way around an entire community at school. A hastily made playlist made me my best friends in a lonely, teenage-angst fueled time.


After becoming over-familiar with every single song in that first iteration, I made rolling stoned II in October 2020. Passing the link around, again, brought me closer to the friends now scattered across the country. This one had larger funk and rock influences, as compared to the previous trap/r&b dominant list. Largely, though, all three are a genre-bending mix of sonically pleasing tunes that I happened to be listening to, or discovered around the time of curating the list. 


Finding the perfect songs for a heightened state of awareness, especially with instrumentation that feels particularly sensory, is how this trilogy of playlists have come to be. I have a lot of sentiment surrounding its origin and what all this music has brought me in terms of security and support, and I hope you will find a semblance of the same. 


Listen to rolling stoned III here.


by dj lazybones (aka Hannan Mumtaz), follow her on Instagram hereand tune in to “listen w lazybones” (Saturdays, 4:00 -6:00 pm) on wxtj.fm.

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